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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you?

You can reach us at We answer EVERY email that comes our way, so please be patient with our responses. 

How do I cancel?

Just click unsubscribe at the bottom of any email.

Why do I need to login using my Amazon account?

Since companies lose money with giveaways on Honest Society, they are only willing to give a limited number of items, so we need to make sure giveaways are limited to 1 per household so that as many people as possible can enjoy these offers. Logging in with your Amazon account helps us do this by preventing people from claiming multiple codes. We DO NOT sell your information. 

Are these offers real?  How is it possible?

Yes, our offers are very real.  They are possible because companies are willing to give out free products in order to promote their products on Amazon.  Promotions and giveaways help sellers with brand/product exposure in addition to product feedback valuable to the Amazon community.  

Do I have to live in the US?

Yes, US residents only.

How long before I get my first offer? Can anyone be a reviewer for Honest Society?

The approval process typically takes less than 24 hours. We do our due diligence on reviewer profiles, looking at review history, activity on the account and quality of reviews written to determine whether the reviewer is a good fit for Honest Society. If you do not receive offers after signing up, we have determined that your status as a reviewer for Honest Society is in question. If you would like to inquire about your account, please contact us at  

How often will I get offers?

You should receive between 2-4 offers a week once you are approved. However, the number of offers you receive will be highly dependent on your review history, number of pending reviews and overdue reviews. We offer our items first to our 'top tier' reviewers who are in outstanding position with their accounts. Any delinquent accounts will either be placed on 'pause' or 'banned' from the community. 

What do I do if I need to change my email address?

Please email us at with your old information along with your new info so we can update your membership. Please remember that your email address MUST be the one associated with your Amazon account. 

Do I have to accept everything that you send me?

No. If you don’t want a particular item that you have been offered you simply ignore the offer and we will send you a different offer.

Why does Amazon still charge me shipping and handling?

Amazon charges shipping and handling for customers without Amazon Prime, depending on the item. If you are not an eligible Amazon Prime member, your offers will be subject to additional shipping and handling charges. 


Why isn't my coupon code working on Amazon?

Please try emptying your cart and resubmitting the code. Amazon does not allow you to purchase products with discounted products. Please let us know if your coupon code is not working, we will try to resolve the issue. 

I ordered a product but it hasn’t arrived yet?

Please contact the seller through your Amazon account, as we are not held responsible for shipment of any items.

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